Monday, January 28, 2013

Adriana - a new mermaid

Hey there

Introducing Adriana, a new mermaid.

She is about 26 inches in length and is sitting.  I used the same size as my teenage dolls, Bex & Astrid, lengthening out the body and adding a tail.  The tail is quilted - I lightly stuffed the tail before quilting, gives a nice puffy look.  Over the stitching lines, I have glued the most gorgeous pearl and ribbon braid - just perfect!!!

The head is the same size as the Bex doll, I really like the shape.  I found the Bex arms a bit big, so have made them smaller, so is more in scale.

I am really pleased with the way she has turned out - definitely will make some more to take to shows and will write up a pattern.

Watch this space!


Monday, January 14, 2013

BUBBLES a mermaid doll

Hi all

I have been making mermaids - Bubbles is a lovely small-ish mermaid which is designed to hang on the wall, or as a mobile.  They are quite quick and easy to make, very similar to Rainbow Dancers.

For painting the face, use the tutorial for Lavinia.  I used a mixture of fibes for the hair, and put a string of beads and some fringe around the waist.  The little boobs are suffolk puffs (yo-yoes).  A little piece of ribbon for hanging them.

Like to have a go at making one of these?  As a featured blog doll, the pattern is discounted on my website.

While you are there, check out the companion quilt!  I Love Mermaids is a fantastic qult I made several years ago, featuring these little mermaids and undersea creatures.

I Love Mermaids Quilt 

I have also put the pattern for this quilt at a discount price.